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Friday, July 17, 2015

Here are 3 different ways that if you implement into your marketing with YouTube you will start to see results!

I love what Gary Vaynerchuk said about how social media marketing today and I quoute "Social media marketing is great but it's that markerters that manage to F**k things up." 

So a couple of years ago we enterend what I call the great cleanse similar to a Google Slap where channels were being shut down left and right. This was due in part because Youtube has a approch of a broadsoward vs a scapel when it came to people's accounts being shut down. 

Its pretty simple content, not ads. Let me say that again do content.... not ads.... 

So lets jump into these and allow me to deliver you the content 

1 Don't try to sell

Scott, whadda mean don't sell? People come to Youtube to be entertained or because they are searching for something. 

You can have a call to action in your video but don't make the video spammish or ptichy... It's about the user experience and if you piss off the user they will hit the spam button and when enough people do that YouTube will look at your video and there goes your account..

Focus on delivering that awesome and a great user experience and the sales will follow... 

2.  Create Content That Is Focused 

It goes without saying right well I wouldent be saying it here if it was not an issue... 

You can go into 2 or 3 points but remember to be focused on what people are searching for. 
People try to put too much in the video hint ( you can make multiple videos ) . You want to target the keywords with the Keyword Planner tool or other software that will get you zoned in on what people are searching for.

3. Create Good Content 

The reason why accounts get flagged and people get shut down due to really Sh*t content. 
I mean you want to deliver you point or message without " BUY BUY BUY " all over the place. 

Do not do not repeat do not send people to a caputure page from a you tube video...  You should make the viewer feel that even if they do not click the link then they still reveived value! 

Now if you are new to YouTube my buddy Mark Harbert who had made multiple six figures yearly with the power of youtube has a awesome course you can pick up

Hope this information helped if it did post a comment below, like comment and share, 

Scott Lindstrom 


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