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Monday, July 13, 2015

There is a 6 step process I came across that can help you get more Facebook leads then you could possibly call in 1 entire day!

Enter the Facebook zone I know on one such person who generated over 300 leads using this simple process.

IMPORTANT  You must have a facebook page if you are to make it in this business!

  • CONSISTANCY IS KING : The key to having a raving fan base is that people are social creatures and if you are not posing engaging content then all you are going to have is crickets at your website...Lot's of fans does not me lots of money rolling in. How engaged are you followers and it really does not take a lot of follwers make some serious green.
  • USE RE-TARGETING PIXELS : This is extreemly powerful almost as good as the force but not quite.  You can build custom audiences that have visited certain thank you pages, welcome pages and parts of your blog...  You can throuw you customer to differet ads based on what sites they have gone on or what products they have bought... Powerful! 
In case you wanted to know there is a free training on Pixels go here to pick it up 

  • VIDEO UPDATE FOR STATUS INSTEAD OF TEXT : More powerful then any text update could ever hope to be. Facebook will give priority to video over text and even pictures when it comes to the feed. This not only builds up your audience but at the same time the customer starts to see your face more and more.... The mobile phone is at yor fingertips so you can make that update on that upcoming webinar, lead, or message while out the door. Do this on a regular basis and watch how people will start comming around.
  • INTERACT AND BE SOCIAL :  THere is nothing worse then stale old non functioning page. When people take the time and leave a comment that is your cue to do the same! Build that connection with your fans that is what it is all about!  Now it not the time to turn anti-social! You need to get your customers to know like and trust you. Dont treat the new facebook leads like raw leads treat them like future teammates and customers! 
  • CREATE DA CONTENT : Create content that is trarget to your specific audience on your page that your customers want. Share your knoledge with others and give the VALUE! Give value so when a good offer or promotion comes along you ave a responsive list 
  • RUN FACEBOOK LIKE ADS : Target the people that you would want to work with the most and make sure you are providing solutions to the problems that people are facing... 
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