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Tuesday, July 07, 2015

If you are looking to become a better Affiliate Marketer you have come to the right spot

I was thinking yesterday of all the stuff that I have bought over the years and I remember exactly what it feels like to be a buyer... You have to enjoy the buying process if you are ever going to sell anything...

So when a guy that is one of the top 5 affiliate marketers in multiple contests and a 5 figure monthly earner in selling decides to tell me about the top 3 ways I am all ears !!!

BLOG POST INTERGRATION - You goal should be to deliver content and if you are not then your competitor is... Through out your blog post have a link to a affiliate product that is congruent ( that a fancy world for "like" ) I .E a blogging course provide a course on blogging.

For Instance If you click here you can sign up and get an awesome product that is  on Affilitate marketing and becomming a better Affiliate Marketer

If you are in the game for the long haul you need to have a blog...

CREATE A TOOLS OR PRODUCTS PAGE - You are going to have the tools you recommend you should only post a link to products you use... Unless you know it's a good product you want to make sure you are not just promoting something to " Just Make A Buck "

Trust is something you cannot buy and people will totally take your advice if you have their best intentions in mind... If you are always in a serve mentally you will make sales and you can take that to the bank!

Congruency is key if you come through the door expecting apples instead of getting oranges then you are going to tick off that person...

HUGE TIP : BONUSES that you give away must be congruent with the offer so it enhances the offer... Make the bonuses the same or near the same as the offer

WEBINARS - Hands down you will never find a better way to to sell products and this is the most underused methods... I know there is a F.E.A.R factor... the only way to get better is to start doing it... Be ok to suck...

All major marketers started out with thoes 3 to 5 people on the webinars... so it is highly recommended to sell products and do it with webinars...

Imagine getting on the webinar and selling 50 products!

Its all about your ability to push through your fear and stumble and fail to suscess! Every major suscess comes with falure and it's ok you can keep screwing up till you finally get it!!!

Nobody is going to FIRE YOU for getting it wrong or messing up over and over again...

These 3 things will help you become a great affiliate marketer and not someone who is just slinging junk!

P.S I have a HUGE offer that is going to help you its a 90 minute training on how my buddy Mark won all the affiliate contests with the other huge online marketers.... You can get this course here here 

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